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informationWelcome to the streets of New York City. Around every corner is a new chapter in the book of sin to be told. Since the fifties, criminals have run these very streets. The gangs and mobs were the boss, and what they said went. During these dark days, nobody was safe, that is, until the resistance. The evil lords soon found a formidable foe with the police. In present day, New York is divided into several precincts all trying to keep New York a safe haven away from the crime.

Introducing the 27th precinct. While not considered the best of the police division, the 27th precinct still does their part in keeping their section under control. In charge of proving the bad guys guilty are the detectives. As New York is known for its diversity, the 27th precinct presents its diversity in its staff, each detective different than the next.

Based on Sanami Matoh's hit shounen-ai manga series FAKE, this AU RPG takes place after the last volume of the series. The content of this community is adult rated and may contain offensive material. It is not suggested for viewing by anyone under the age of 18. Any questions or comments, feel free to email the address listed above.

The RPG is set up so that it is basically the detectives of the 27th precinct talking through the precinct's online message board. There is a sister RPG at nycschool that deals with Bikky and Carol and their classmates and friends. Currently, this is a closed RPG for new players. However, you are welcome to watch the community.

charactersCommissioner Berkeley Rose - deviant_rose (Mod)
Coroner Cody ??? - corpsewhisperer

Graveyard Shift

Chief Warren Smith - 27thsfinest (Co-Mod)
Head Detective Randy "Ryo" Maclean - oblivious_ni_ai
Detective Dee Laytner - nyknicksfan
Detective Martin "Marty" Bailey - x_ridindirrty_x
Detective Theodore "Ted" O'Neill - kamikazen
Detectice Jemmy J. "JJ" Adams - theneglected
Detective Drake Parker - maximus_drake
Detective Diana Spacey - sinful_essence
Detective Diego Rodriguez - go_diego_go
Detective Leon Orcot - sweetsubstitute
Detective Janet ??? - nebulousdeprave
Head Lab Technician Jim Campbell - the_examiner
Lab Technician Gauge ??? - robotpiratenin

Daytime Shift

Chief Daniel Messer - soldiersghost
Detective Adrienne Martinez - spanishspitfire
Detective Caleb Bass - car_undrwater
Detective Preston ??? - lifesantivirus
Detecive Jayden ??? - ppr_airplanes
Detective Keith ??? - xknownsoldierx
Detective Angela ??? - crool_mistress
Detective Ethan ??? - youngenhopeless
Detective David ??? - bite2brkskin
Detective Ian ??? - obsolete_geek
Detective Antonio ??? - beyondredempshn
Lab Technician Ryan Wolfe - brighteyedwolfe
Lab Technician Greg Sanders - chemistryofalie


Bikky Goldman - ballin23
Carol Baker - _pretty_kittie
Kenny Turner - mexicangangsta
Lai Huan - laidynasty
Law Huan - N/A ((Age: 28 Lai's smexy older brother, they also have a sister, who lives with him. He runs the family business and shares they same strange ability's as his little brother does. He is quite deadly with a knife.))
Riley Freeman - effinrawr
Huey Freeman - sole_samurai
Tommy ??? - N/A Dee's best friend, he grew up in the orphanage alongside Dee. He is always seen chewing gum.
Arnon ??? - N/A Dee's friend, might be british. He used to deal drugs and prostitute himself. He was addicted to candy bars laced with narcotics.
Barry ??? - N/A Dee's black friend, real close friends with Arnon


Universal usernames were created to allow easy back and forth commenting, especially for those with more than one character. Upon joining, your character will be assigned one of the universal usernames. You will gain access to the password, and I will explain how it works in an email to you. As of now, there are two universal usernames for the detectives, two universal for the students at nycschool, one to be used as a player's boyfriend/girlfriend if they are outside the RPG, one for villains, and one for other important citizens. The characters are divided as follow:

    Berkeley Rose
    Dee Laytner
    Ted O'Neill
    Drake Parker
    Diego Rodriguez
    Janet ???
    Jim Campbell
    Chief ???
    Jayden ???
    Caleb Bass
    Antonio ???
    Angela ???
    David ???
    Greg Sanders

    Cody ???
    Warren Smith
    Ryo Maclean
    Marty Bailey
    JJ Adams
    Diana Spacey
    Leon Orcot
    Gauge ???
    Adrienne Martinez
    Preston ???
    Keith ???
    Ethan ???
    Ian ???
    Ryan Wolfe

    Bikky Goldman
    Joshua ???
    Matthew ???
    Jill ???
    Liz ???
    Lass ???
    Riley Freeman

    Carol Baker
    Lai Huan
    Kenny Turner
    Billy ???
    Bobby ???
    Cecile ???
    Huey Freeman

    Amy ???
    Jenny ???

    [Cop Torturer]
    [White Supremist]
    [Cop Killer]
    Ray Bennett
    Carl Stansbury
    Johnny Taggert
    Ed Nielson
    Jeffrey Gianani
    Kenneth Bow
    Leo Grant
    Alicia Grant

    Law Huan
    Tommy ???
    Arnon ???
    Barry ???

applicationsThis RPG is currently closed to new members.

In order to join, you need to send an email to IcicleSassy@aol.com, with this form filled out:
1. Who you want to be
2. Your personal Livejournal screenname
3. Pretend entry post (in 1st person format)
4. (Only for originals) Please include background information, description, and their role in the RPG (whether they are part of the NYPD, etc.)

rulesThe rules are simple guidelines for the RPG. Follow them, and we will have no problems!

1. Be active in posting and commenting.
2. Let the Mod know before you take a leave of absence.
3. Yaoi and yuri are allowed. If you don't like it, then I suggest checking out another RPG.
4. No bashing, flaming, or bullying is allowed whatsoever.
5. Upon joining this community, you have one week to begin posting.
6. Be dedicated.
7. Have fun!!

posting guidelinesAll posts are now done in the community [either the27thprecinct or nycschool depending on the poster and content]. Posts can be either 1st person or 3rd person [preferrably 1st person] , and depending on what person is used, the comments should follow the same format. If the post is written in 1st person, then the comments will also be in 1st person. All posts are private only to the precinct meaning only the detectives and other workers can see them. Villain posts are only viewable to other villains.

If you wish to get more specific, here are some subject lines that you may use:

•OOC- means that it is a note from the typist and not part of game play
•Private for "NAME"- means only that person can leave comments there
•Private from "NAME"- means everyone except that person can leave comments there
•Private- means no one can leave comments here (though the characters can see a placeholder for the post, that can't read the actual post)

Any one of these may be followed by the character's own subject. If viewable to all, you may just choose your own subject line. 3rd person posts do not require a specific subject.

Other important things to note:
•Words with a strike through them are also viewable only by the typist.
•Words that are smaller than the normal text are also only viewable by the typist and act as thought bubbles.

rpg relationshipsKeeping up with all the different relationship in the RPG can be tough. A list has been compiled of all relationships, current and past, and a little note is even included. Keep in mind this RPG takes place after the series ends, meaning it is not canon.


Dee and Ryo [Pre-RPG]
Bikky and Carol [Pre-RPG]
Leon and Count D (NPC) [Pre-RPG]
Jim and Diana [March 2007]
Ted and Emily [June 10, 2007]
Drake and JJ [December 29, 2007]


Ted and Diana - Becoming serious enough to be fiances, they broke off the marriage after a big fight.
Jim and Diana - Diana ended the relationship when she began questioning Jim's commitment. [Early March 2007]
Ted and Amy (NPC) - Amy cheated on Ted and then broke it off. [February 9, 2007 to May 29, 2007]
Drake and JJ - Drake ended the relationship when JJ admitted to cheating on him. [April 2007]
Ted and Jenny - Jenny ended it over an argument regarding Ted's loyalty. [January 20, 2008 to May 3, 2008]

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