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After Valentine's Day

Ready for all the domestic disputes gone horribly wrong today? 

That's why I'm single. Woman are crazy.



I'm still waiting for my flowers to come. I mean, we are only talking, but if he expects what we have to move in the direction of a relationship, he better send me flowers. My favorite kind and favorite color are also important.


Flowers + Chocolate

So many flowers being delivered today. Where's the intimacy? It's all bragging rights.

I'd much rather put my money towards something else.


Valentine's Day

I created an agenda for Valentine's Day. I had to plan it out so that I make sure I spend quality time with each of my current special girls + guy. Don't want them getting suspicious of one another.



So Greg did you find a nice boy to take you out tonight?  We are in New York city it is gay guys galore here you shouldn't be having problems.


Sometimes I hate New York

I hate the public transport system in New York.  I know its partly my fault because I dress like a punk and slightly look like one but it pisses me off how many mugs try and mug me.  When I left my coat and show them the badge and the piece I am carrying they sure change their mind.  Except today I think it pissed him off more and now I am home from the hospital with a busted up face but I can gladly say the dumbass that attacked me looks worse and pathetic as he sits in his jail cell tonight.  What an idiot.


I screwed up

So the other day Daniel caught me on Facebook while I was working yesterday.  He hasn't said anything about it yet and that kind of scares me.  Do you think he is holding out punishing me by waiting for a nasty case to roll in and dropping it on me?  He couldn't be that cruel to Jayden.


I did it again

I think I pissed him off again.  I shouldn’t have asked if he had any special plans tomorrow.  I should know better than to get in his business.


I want to win at least once

I don’t know if I love or hate the silly little challenges Daniel has for us. It is way too hard to beat Team Too Hot for Crime, tomorrow for instance the Valentine’s day challenge we all know Adrienne is going to win. I don’t even think Caleb does any work it’s solely her and her uniqueness. I wish my partner was a bit more creative then we might actually win something. If we lose though it’s not like it’s a complete loss on my part I still have a very fine date for tomorrow.



My mom told me on the phone the other day that I will be alone on Valentine ’s Day tomorrow because I look like a dirty, hairy, homeless man.  I told her Tony Stark the identity of Iron Man was known for his scruff and he got tons of ladies which I believe weren’t all for the money but if it was it works for me because my paychecks are superb.   She then hung up on me.



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