Oh! You lil bitches think you can fuck with me? Do you even know who the fuck I am? I'm Ri-Freeman, bitch! Ri-motherfucking-Freeman! You think this ink shit's gonna fuck me up? Fuck you, bitch! Imma bash yo pussy head in when I find you, you dirty motherfucker!


After yesterday's holiday all I can say is I have one messed up family.  Still Riley's behavior was deplorable while I might not be the most religous guy when it comes to these holidays I felt bad for Jesus himself.  I wonder how long before my Uncle Marty's boyfriend gets fed up with his baggage and leaves him.  I wouldn't blame him but I would feel bad for my uncle.
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I want my music

I was walking down the street just after dark listening to my ipod and bam! Motherfuckers jumped me from behind! I didn't stand a chance cuz I was all alone and they snuck up at me. Now I don't have an ipod. So fucking pissed.
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Not Working

Watching Storage Wars while at work really makes me want to go buy some storage units. Unfortunately in New York, all I'm likely to get is a bunch of meth pipes hidden in the storage units.
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The Past

I friggin hate Hallmark bullshit days. Always gets the mind thinkin'. I could still be out there on the streets, with my ol' lady. Or if not with her, dead. But with her longer than she stuck around when I went for the army. 

But without the army, I wouldn't have gotten this job. No schoolin'. Failed the NYPD tests. But the army, they said I was good and got me this job, helluva lot better than some crappy police officer.

If I hadn't fallen back on old ways after the army, she probably wouldn't had left. But I was mad, ya know. NYPD turnin' me down and all. I'm straight now. Not going back down in that direction. I see too many faces from the past being carried off to the morgue workin' this job. Naw I'm not going back.
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